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Thanksgiving turkeys are eaten though the original colony of Pilgrims did not boast any Black Pilgrims. Christmas was handed to the Blacks by the Whites and so was Christianity in America. Most Blacks are Christian in the United States. These are just a few examples of why it is okay to join mainstream America. Black people are already a part of it if they never realized it before. Replica Cheap Air Max . It is Black American culture and heritage to speak English and accepted the White man’s culture. They were not given a choice. However, life in America is NOT bad at all for Black people. Not any more. Related LinksThe Truth about Being Black in America The fact that African Americans are called African at all is an indication of the limited explanation of this group’s history. The nationalities of Black American ancestors are a mystery for the great majority of the group. Replica Cheap Air Max . Slavery stripped this grouThe Genetics of Racism Are White people subconsciously teaching racism to each generation? Possibly some are 5 Reasons the NCAA Tournament Is a Total Scam March Madness has begun! For fans of college basketball, this is the most wonderful time of the year. The NCAA 68 team collegiate mega tournament promises action packed drama in the form of wildly gesticulating coaches, sudden death eliminations, and lots and lots of basketball. Replica Cheap Air Max . As a former student of a Division I school that was this close to taking it all, I’m still a huge fan and get caught up in the excitement just as much as anyone else. That said, the NCAA is a horribly flawed institution, and that’s never more apparent than when tournament time rolls around. Elite Nike Air Max Cheap . Here are a few reasons why March Madness is the worst best sporting event ever . 5. Cinderella Stories and the Perfect Bracket Are FantasiesEveryone loves a fairytale ending, and the NCAA tournament makes a huge deal of the fact that, in theory, any team could win it all. The thing about theories, though, is that they’re just that.



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In practice, March Madness is more about fairytale beginnings that usually A lesson in risk mismanagement Hurricane Katrina, which roared ashore five years ago this past Saturday, was not exactly a shining moment in risk management. Hurricane Katrina seen from a NASA satellite as it approached the Louisiana and Mississippi coastline on Aug. 28, 2005. Credit: NASA. on Aug. 28, 2005, more than 24 hours before landfall, Jason Samenow wrote: “Katrina is now a very dangerous Category 4 hurricane, headed towards New Orleans. Elite Nike Air Max Cheap . history in terms of its potential toll on life, property and the environment.” Similar alarm bells went off throughout the meteorology community, yet it seemed that few in the federal government got the message until Katrina was already flooding the “Big Easy.” Katrina reminds me of what a disaster specialist at Columbia University constantly emphasized in a graduate class I took: “There are no natural disasters,” he would say; “only manmade ones.” Air Max Cheap Sale . For example, earthquakes don’t kill people. Buildings that topple in an earthquake His character shows that his appearance is not his true nature; behind the mask there lies someone entirely different. Two of Hamlet’s childhood friends, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are also victims of the theme appearance vs. reality. They were sent and given bribe by King Claudius and Queen Gertrude to find out the cause of Hamlet’s madness. Both of them go to Hamlet pretending to be his fast friends, while in reality, they are only there because the king ordered them to find out the truth. Air Max Cheap Sale . In Act 2 Scene 2 line 278, Guildenstern states, “What should we say my lord?” completely denying the fact that they were sent for by the king and queen. Both Rosencrantz and Guildenstern show there appearance of being Hamlets friends, but in truth they have a hidden reason for visiting to Hamlet. Air Max Cheap Sale Online . Throughout the play, there are several discrepancies between appearances vs. reality. It appears that everyone is full of deception and ulterior motives.



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