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Cheap Air Max Trainers.What Hatfield’s talking about is the creation of the Air Max 1 – one of his very first projects after joining Nike. With that sneaker, Hatfield took a risk. And in that way he was a bit of a revolutionary. “After those [early design] sketches came out it was widely discussed that I had pushed it too far,” he adds. “People were trying to get us fired.”Running from through Air Max month, we’ll be commemorating that with a raft of stories.Authentic Air Max 90. First off: we’ll salute the sneaker’s ingrained place in European streetwear culture by visiting three of the continent’s capitals – London, Paris and Berlin – to speak to people who, like Hatfield, look to the future and push things forward with what they do. Back in the late ’80s, Nike was big, but it wasn’t the global force it is today. Through four stories pinned to the Swoosh’s upcoming releases in Air Max month – the Air Max 1 Anniversary (based on the OG that started it all, of course), the people’s favorite Air Max 1 atmos Elephant, the upcoming Nike Air Max 1 Master that references famous Air Max releases of days past, and the future of Air contained in the upcoming VaporMax release – we’ll see how the story of Air essentially corresponds to the story of modern streetwear.Cheapest Nike Air Max.

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